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 Difference between a Pro and a Noob

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PostSubject: Difference between a Pro and a Noob   Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:42 pm

Difference between a Pro and a Noob

People would often rate a player based on how well they play. Players that play superb and are inspiring players would often be called 'Pro'. If a player is called professional, he should be earning from that game but we love to exaggerate things so we call them Pro. Most people tend to call uninspiring players as noobs but I prefer calling them newbies because noob, for me, is a very hurtful word. We all started from being ignorant of the game so calling a person noob or dumb is way too heart-piercing. Are you wondering what are the qualities Pros have that are not present to Newbies? What are the things done by newbies that make them uninspiring and prone to criticism?

Here are some things that separates Pros from Newbies

Newbies: I'll do what I feel like doing.
Pros: I'll do what should be done.

Newbies: I will execute my plans no matter what.
Pros: I will wait for the perfect timing to execute my plans.

Newbies: I will pick these heroes because they are strong.
Pros: I will pick these heroes because they have perfect chemistry and they can counter the opponent's hero line up.

Newbies: I died. It's time to blame my team mates!
Pros: I died. I'll be more careful and alert next time.

Newbies: The opponents are so strong, I'll quit and find weaker opponents.
Pros: The opponents are stronger than me, I should learn from them and try to beat them as soon as possible.

Newbies: Damn, gankers are behind me. I'll click so fast towards the fountain, there might be miracles that I may live.
Pros: Gankers are now behind me, I should try to make them chase me at the forest and increase my chances to survive. I'll try to buy items and not waste my golds from my death.

Newbies: The opponents are pushing! They appear so strong, I don't know what to do but, CHARGE!!!!! oops, I died.
Pros: The opponents are pushing, I should find a good position to spam their creeps to death and wait for my team mates to set.

Newbies: That hero is one hit away from death, I'll chase him though I don't have mana. He might be a noob and press hold.
Pros: I wont chase that dying hero for there is no possible way of killing him. I will just put myself in danger.

Newbies: The hero retreated when I was about to gank him, this is a pub game, grrrr!! map hack!!!
Pros: There might be wards here or he's just careful. I'll buy sentry wards to destroy his wards so I can gank him easier.

Newbies: My opponents need me but there are still a lot of creeps to give me more gold. I'll just tell them I don't have a TP scroll.
Pros: My opponents are about to engage in a team fight, it's time to buy a TP scroll.

Newbies: I wont buy obs, it's a waste of 200 gold.
Pros: It is better to spend 200 gold for observer wards than to waste more gold from dying.

Newbies: Grrr... I wont waste my time waiting here for nothing, I should gank him even though a tower is next to him.
Pros: I'll wait for better chances because I can't afford to die from ganking impatiently.

Newbies: I was stunned, stunned and stunned to death darn! There's no way I'll survive this lane!
Pros: I know what are the things the heroes of my opponents can do. If they are going to execute their combo, I have plans on how to survive and counter their attacks.

Newbies: I will steal more kills so I'll be famous.
Pros: I'm playing support role it's better to give the kills to our carry to give him more farm.

Newbies: It's clash time! Oh, a Bristleback! Attack!!!!!
Pros: Their tank is baiting we should find a way to find their most dangerous hero before we kill this high hp but low attack damage hero.

Newbies: My opponents are all hitter but I'd still buy BKB because I saw vigoss bought BKB and own his opponents.
Pros: I will buy items that will increase my armor to limit the opponents damaging potential. BKB is such a waste of 3800 gold, buying HP items would be a better choice.
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Difference between a Pro and a Noob
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