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 List of 3rd generation i3 processors

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PostSubject: List of 3rd generation i3 processors   Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:49 pm

3rd generation i3

This is the list of all the latest 3rd generation core i3s. They have a different design and are better than the previous generations. Better start buying!

Model Market Cores Threads Frequency Turbo Frequency L3 cache Graphics TDP
Core i3-3220 Desktop 2 4 3.3GHz N/A 3 MB HD 2500 55 Watt
Core i3-3220T Desktop 2 4 2.8GHz N/A 3 MBHD 2500 35 Watt
Core i3-3225 Desktop 2 4 3.3GHz N/A 3 MB HD 4000 55 Watt
Core i3-3240 Desktop 2 4 3.4GHz N/A 3 MB HD 2500 55 Watt
Core i3-3240T Desktop 2 4 3.0GHz N/A 3 MB HD 2500 35 Watt
Core i3-3217U Mobile 2 4 1.8GHz N/A 3 MBHD 4000 17 Watt

You can compare the benchmarks of these CPUs from the following link: click here !
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List of 3rd generation i3 processors
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